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Make IRL Streaming Accessible to Everyone and Everywhere.

IRL streaming is our passion


A plug and play solution to make IRL stream setup effortless. Effortlessly connect to your mobile hotspot, power bank and camera without any software setup. Be the content creator you are born to be and we will take care of the rest.


Your personalized stream dashboard that provides you realtime and indepth analytics of your stream, enables you to better understand and engage your followers.


MuxAPI is a platform that enables fellow developers to build exciting tools and gadgets on top of the Mux Box, such as AR/VR filters, Unique chat boxes and etc, to further enhance the streaming experience for the creators and their followers.


Save money and hassle on your mobile data plans with MuxPlan. We partner with major mobile carriers to provide you the cheapest and most reliable data plan for your IRL streaming needs.

Muxer One

Muxer One will be the first production version of Muxbox, designed to be simple, lightweight, and compatible with all major action cameras and carrier data plans. It will the plug and play solution to all your IRL streaming needs.

Whether if you are just starting out or a power streamer like our founder Muxfd, Muxer One will make your setup efficient, painless and affordable, so you can focus on the content, but not the technology.

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From The Peanut Gallery

  • "Once upon a time, there was a google engineer, for years he worked on flights for google and in his free time played basketball near the local school, over time he got bored, and got into one little fight with some boys making trouble in his neighborhood. so one day his life got flipped on its head, he quit google, went to NYC, this is the life and story of the kid who once wore NIKE air"

    - Quillians

  • "one time i told mux to throw raw steak against a wall and if it stuck, you knew it was still good. he didn't listen to me and that's how you know muxer one is 100% real and definitely not fake."

    - Dilly Buns

  • "Muxfd had a sexy $70 haircut. He's legit."

    - MrPeggyHill

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  • Junk Yard Raid

    Mux is getting scrappy!

    Checking out Highland Park in NYC

    Another day, another stroll in NYC.


    Hi, I'm Kevin. You can call me mux or Kevin, either works. I bike around New York City for fun and cheesecake. I'm glad you're here!

  • Family Baking Time

    Making Portuguese Egg Tarts With The Kids!

    Camp Chef

    Acting Camp Chef Making Zucchini Tomato Basil Orecchiette Pasta!


    Cooking, traveling, raising two kids